Men Dous

I have tiny tears in my eyes as I write this post.

I was just blessed beyond measure.

I know I've blogged about Jenny before. Sometimes I refer to her as "my baby". She is so precious. She used to be a little bit afraid of me because I'm white. Now, when she sees me coming she puts her little arms in the air for me to hold her. When I try to put her down or hand her to someone else she puts the death grip on my shirt and squeezes tightly with her legs. I would love to be able to play with her more, but it seems like every time she comes over and I hold her she falls asleep within 5 minutes. (I'm not exaggerating this at all!)

Today my sweet baby came over. She's in the middle of teething and has a fever. I held her and she immediately cuddled up to me and fell asleep. I was called away to help Boss Varis with something and laughingly mentioned that she always falls asleep when I hold her. He said, "In Kreyol we call that Men Dous" when you hold babies and they always fall asleep. I know that Haiti has a lot of "sayings" and was so excited that he shared that with me.  I didn't recognize the word "dous" though. After Jenny left I looked it up in my dictionary.

"Men Dous"- Gentle Hands.

(Did you notice that she's got the Gig'em thumb?)

I was so touched. My friend, Aimee, calls me the baby whisperer. I don't know why, but something about me makes babies fall asleep.

 As I was thinking about men dous I realized that is exactly how God is. He is the only one that can hold me tight and immediately make me feel at peace. He is the one that whispers peace to my soul. Sometimes I wish that I was more like Jenny, I wish I held tightly to him when I feel myself getting further away. I wish I acknowleged his men dous more than I do. I wish that even as I am at peace and sleeping I will snuggle closer and hold tightly to his fingers. My daddy on earth can make me feel very safe. I have fallen asleep many times snuggled up to him listening to his heartbeat.

But my father in Heaven is the ever present one with the most gentle of hands!
Snuggle up to your Father. He is The Men Dous that will wisper peace and rest to your weary soul!


Jenna B. said...

Sweet little Jenny, your gift with babies, and thoughts on the Lord's "Men Dous" are just beautiful, Noelle!

P.S. Love the Gig em' thumb! :)

Kate said...

I haven't posted on your "de-lurking" post yet (it's on my list!), but in an effort to not lurk, I thought I'd comment on this post.

"He is the one that whispers peace to my soul."

My friend, Jen, and I were talking today about how we've lacked peace and joy the last several weeks because of deaths in our families. Your words reminded me that I need to hold tighter to the Lord and that He is the only one that can bring peace to my weary soul.

Love you so much friend.

Gillian Adams said...

Noelle, that is such a beautiful post! It reminds me of Isaiah 40:11 "He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young."

aimee said...

Beautiful! Annie misses her Noiee! I love how God makes Himself known in every tribe and tongue, if we only have the eyes to see it. Thank you for lending us your eyes in Haiti, that we may join with you and glorify our Father--men dous. I worship Him tearfully this morning, as I rejoice in the father heart of God, who dearly loves His people and displays His character even in their common sayings, that He may be revealed to them. GAH! Love this. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Another favorite. I love the picture of you and this precious baby, and I love you. Mom

Heath and Rebecca Clark said...

So sweet! I would love for my baby to fall asleep on me like that. But while she loves being held, she'd rather look around from her up top post than snuggle.

Commenting on the other aspect of the post, you have some wonderful insights from where you stand and I so appreciate your willingness to share them. I see God shaping more and more wisdom in you with each post. What a blessing!


life is aMAYESing said...

Beautifully put, Noelle! I just love reading about all of the wonderful things that God is doing with you in Haiti! :) I'm praying for you always!

10,000 Blessings,
Lia Joy

Jenny said...

OHH, I LOVE THIS! I want to hold precious Jenny! I absolutely love when a child that was once terrified of white skin comes around and doesn't want to be anywhere but in your arms. Precious!


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