10 on Tuesday...

Well, it has been a long time since I have blogged with any regularity. I have been all over the place, both emotionally and geographically these past few months, and so I have decided to bring back the 10 on Tuesday, and hopefully get some catch up done.

So here is what has been going on in my life over the past 3 months...

1.  I got home from Haiti on May 23rd, spent one week with my family, and then went straight to work at Frontier Camp. I spent June working at camp as the Healthcare assistant. I've spent the last 13 summers there, so that was a little slice of normal. Camp was so fun. There were wonderful memories and beautiful friendships that were strengthened this summer.

2. Towards the end of camp and for the first 3ish weeks of summer school, I was a total emotional train wreck. I had not processed Haiti. Its always an adjustment to come back home, but this time was different. I didn't have time to think about anything. I wasn't able to think or blog when I was at camp. When I don't blog or write out thoughts I feel like a crazy person. I'm talking, 'admit me to the insane asylum' crazy. I cried and cried. Like every day. I don't know why. I don't really know what about. I just cried. I missed Haiti. I was having a complete life crisis. Was nursing what I want to do? Is nursing what I'm supposed to do? Should I really be in summer school? Should I be back in Haiti? Should I be in a mental institution? It was awful. I was not trusting the Lord. I was leaning on my own strength and wisdom.... which always leads me to a mess of tears and failure.

3. God is gracious. He still loves me even though I'm sometimes a crazy person. He still blesses me daily. Provides friends, and family, and even strangers to encourage me. He is so good to me!

4. I am currently back in College Station. I live here. That is a loose term. What I mean by that is that I have a pile of vera bradley bags stuffed with various belongings piled in the middle of my room waiting to be unpacked. I'm not in school this semester. I'm praying for a job. I have a potential job, but have not heard back yet.

5. I'm waiting to hear back from nursing school. I'm praying that I'll get accepted to start in January. I have a few applications out and should hear back relatively soon. I'm praying that I get in if that's where God wants me.

6. I'm going back to Haiti in 13 days!!!!! Woah. I hadn't realized it was that soon. I'll be returning to my village in Ti Guinea for one week to translate for an American medical team. Its crazy to me that I speak enough kreyol now that I can actually translate for people. Please be praying for that trip. And for my Kreyol, that I will be able to translate clearly. The dates on that are Sept 12-Sept 22. I'm so excited to go back and see my village. I decided to stay a few extra days when I'm there to visit with all my friends. I'm positive that I will not have as much time there as I would like, but I am excited to see who I can see and get lots of hugs!

7. This has been a wonderful summer. Its been full of ups and downs, and totally crazy, but overall definitely a good summer. I've gotten to spend wonderful time with my roommates and dear friends at camp. I've gotten to spend some much needed family time.

...Well, I'm out of things to say, so I'll just post random pictures from the last three months, so you have an idea of what shenanigans have gone down...

8. June- Frontier Camp-

At camp it is essential to wear a head-cam everywhere! (ok, maybe I only wore it once. My footage was boring, so I got booted.)

Frontier Camp rodeo- Dirty south night. What you can't see is the MASSIVE denim bow in my hair. It was awesome. I love it. I'm currently looking for excuses to wear it in the real world! Ideas?
Frontier Camp- 80's night. I was Gene Simmons from Kiss (we had the whole band there, don't worry.) Daniel was Richard Simmons. He was slightly less excited about his outfit, but he sported the leggings well.

9. July- I was in College Station re-taking an anatomy class at Blinn, so I don't have many pictures...
Anatomy lab cats... yuck... told you that you don't want to see pictures from July... Please don't worry. I only took these pictures as a study guide... and are now using them as a blog illustration. I do not decorate my room with these photos. 

The first of many weddings... Enjoying time with friends from camp, celebrating!

10. August-
Kylie's Birthday dinner! Love my roomie! I'm so glad to get to spend time with her again, now that we are in the same country!!

 Craft time! I made a beach tote in preparation for family vacation to Charleston, South Carolina, to visit my brother! First successful craft in a while!

This is how I enjoy the beach. Out of the water. A safe distance from the sharks, and reading a good book!

And this is how Coleman enjoys the beach. Notice the stellar 'stache, sweet shades, slightly slouchy socks, and super stetson. Ladies, he's single and stellar... just sayin' :)

I got to meet a manatee!!! No, this is not at the beach. While that may seem confusing that I was just at the beach in the previous picture. This was taken at the Dallas World Aquarium. SO COOL. I love aquariums, and have been to many, but this one was by far the coolest. I've never seen a manatee in real life, and I think they are so cool, as is evidenced by this photo!

This leopard was at the aquarium too... See, I told you it was the coolest aquarium ever. Fish and animals! It was like an Aquarium/Zoo, but only the cool animals from both. The only thing missing was the elephants, giraffes and platypuses (platypi?), and it would be the happiest place on earth... I don't care what they say about Disney World.

Betty and Gersan came to Tomball and spent a few days with my family. Conducted a few ministry meetings, and enjoyed their time here! Gersan has always wanted to be a cowboy. He can quote almost any John Wayne movie, and looked totally cool on the horse! Can't wait till we get horses for camp in Haiti!?

 This past weekend I went up to San Antonio for my dear friend, Stephanie's Bachelorette party. I met Steph the summer of 06 at Frontier Camp, and we both ended up going to A&M and becoming great friends. I'm so excited for her and Mr. Preston Hill as they prepare to begin their life together!

So that's a little of what's going on with me. Thanks for reading. I'm going to try to stay up to date and not have do do 3 month updates anymore!


Announcement! Valcin Meet & Greet

Well, I know I've been somewhat absent in the blog world, despite my efforts and promises to get back into it. I do have some reasons, I have been writing blogs in my head. I've been thinking and talking a lot and I am almost ready to come back to the blogging world. But today is not about me. 

Today is about Betty and Gersan Valcin. They are the missionaries that I have spent so much of my time with in Haiti. They are my Haitian parents. They are a huge blessing in my life. God has blessed their ministry and given them a heart for the lost souls in Haiti. A heart to evangelize the lost. Train and establish pastors who will speak the truth and use biblical teaching. Help those in poverty, by providing jobs, building houses, etc. 

Betty and Gersan are in TEXAS!!!! They will be staying at my house in Tomball August 20-24. I want you to meet them!!

Monday August 22 & Tuesday August 23 they will be sharing what God is doing through them in the country of Haiti. Together, we will share with you some of our hopes and dreams for the country of Haiti, for the people of Haiti, and for Jacob's Well. We will be answering questions, and sharing with you opportunities to be involved through prayer, giving, or going on a short term trip. 

Please come meet them. I guarantee it will not be a waste of your time! Come at 7pm on Monday, Aug 22 or Tuesday, Aug 23 for coffee, dessert, and talk of Haiti! 

So to recap:

Who: The Valcins
What: Sharing about what God is doing in Haiti with coffee and dessert.
When: Monday, Aug 22 & Tuesday, Aug 23. 7pm
Where: My house (Call or email for directions)
Why: So you can be active in Prayer, Giving, or Going!
How: Please RSVP by leaving a comment with your name (and what day you plan on attending), or call Me (Noelle) or my mom (Marie). Or send me an email at: noelle.gonzalez11@gmail.com

Please invite whomever you may think would be interested as well. We want to get the word out about this, and I would love for all of you in the Tomball/Houston area, to be involved! 


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