Today marks the two year anniversary of the most horrific day of my life, and the lives of over a million others.

Its been two years since the 7.0 mag earthquake struck Haiti and shook her to the core. As I think back to that day two years ago, I try to fight tears. I try to fight thinking about the faces of the people that came to us for help. I try to fight the feeling that at any moment I could hear that low grumble of the earth before it begins to shake me down to the very core of my soul. I thought at the time that the earthquake itself was the most scary, and the most damaging, but I had no idea how the earthquake and the events of that day would haunt my life. I had no idea how much I could learn about myself, the Lord, people, compassion, selflessness, fear, and peace.

Today, I've tried to preoccupy my mind with other things, but I feel that to ignore this day completely would be a shame. God caused this to happen. He has been faithful through it. I've posted some links to my story from that day. Its too painful to write out and re-live over again, but as much as I remember the pain, and the horror of that day, I am reminded of God's faithfulness, of His steadfast love, and His unfailing peace.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, and followed my adventure of living in Little Guinea may not know that I started the blog for the sole purpose of writing down the earthquake story, and processing through for therapy. I started writing on the 6 month anniversary of the earthquake and re-lived those days. It quickly became hard to write about, and I decided to just write things as they happened.

This blog is just one of the ways that God has been faithful. All the stories in it came about because of Him, and the fact that you are reading them is directly related to the earthquake as well. Today, pray for the country of Haiti. Pray for their hearts. And above all, walk in God's peace.

To read some of my first posts about the quake itself click the links below:
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