40 on Friday (part 2)

So this is the part of the blog that I am going to add tons of pictures to. Daniel and I gave you 20 random facts and bits of information yesterday. Today I was planning on having Hudson do some contributing because he was buried in Civil Engineering homework last night. I mentioned blogging to him this morning at breakfast and he didn't exactly jump at the idea. So this afternoon, since my internet is working, and I am of no use in the electrical job the boys are doing I decided to spend some quality time with my computer and get to be re-aquainted with my blog. And for the second half of the Fabulous 40 on Friday, I have decided to bring you tons of pictures. So I hope you enjoy! 

1.  When the group came from Port Au Prince for camp last week we had some minor complications with the guest speaker... He didn't show up, so Gersan was the guest speaker in  pinch. He did a wonderful job and was very encouraged by the reaction of the retreaters. We moved a large tent up to the "upstairs" where you can see the whole valley, so they had a beautiful backdrop as they heard the word of God delivered.

2. After some incredible miscommunication (and bad planning by retreat leadership) we had a lot of fun at activites here at camp. My three haitian assistants and myself put up the activiites for Archery and Riflery, then took them down again, then up again, then down, then up, down, and up. Finally we used them and they went over marvelously. As worried as I was that someone was going to get shot I was so proud of my helpers for explaining rules and how things work. they were wonderful helpers!

3.On Tuesday we took the entire group to the beach.All 100ish of them. It was quite an experience, but went very well. That beach is so beautiful, and I highly doubt any of those city kids from Port had ever seen a beach quite like this one. They played in the water and sand all day long and had, what seemed like the time of their lives. So silly and fun!

4.Karnaval was on the road as we left the beach. This is the Haitian Mardi Gras. People get 3 days of school off and just parade through the streets and drink sugar cane alcohol and make lots of noise. As we were driving through a crowd of them I decided that masks kinda creep me out.

5. This is Tchaly working on the slab for Tancred's house. He is the one I mentioned in the February update. We got to finally work on the slab (And finish his house! More pictures to follow!)

6. Betty's first trip to the beach. This is definitely a forced smile on Betty's side. She was scared of the water and had already gotten a little bit more wet than she was happy with. I think in the end she enjoyed it more than she thought she would. We were all happy that she came.

7. Spring break 2011. Already lots of fun with my two great friends. How could we not have fun on the prettiest beach in the country!?

8. This is how the week has gone. Apply these personalities to work projects.

9. Yesterday Daniel mentioned that we got a new windmill here at camp. This is the installation crew. Don't be fooled... the pole in this picture is probably upwards of 500 pounds. The hope for this windmill is that it will nearly eliminate the need for our generator. Currently the generator runs about 15 hours a day to keep up with our power demand and with the windmill, if it works all correctly, we should be able to have equivalent power after only one hour of wind!!

10. Daniel came with many gifts for all his friends here at Jacob's Well. For Tchaly, our carpenter he brought this awesome tool belt. Tchaly is enjoying it, but batman, our dog is very scared of the belt, actually its pretty funny for my watchdog to be scared of a belt. Makes me feel safe!

11. Hudson worked very hard on finishing the roof of the "unfinished cabin". It still needs a paint job, but its much closer to being finished than it was before.

12. This is Madame Tchaly and baby NaNa. She is the one with the burn on her bottom. She is looking so good. She was actually smiling this day and the skin was starting to turn black again. God protected her and has done so much healing work in her body. I can't even begin to describe to you how precious this family is. Tchaly and his wife are always, ALWAYS smiling and laughing. They are a total joy and a priveledge to be around.

13. We weren't exactly sure where the step ladder was... so this was the next best solution. (TIH-This is Haiti.)

14. This is Peter Marc working on the roof of Tancreds house. (Almost finished!!)

15. Tancred standing outside of his new finished house! Praise God for His provision and goodness!

16. While walking back to camp after finishing Tancred's house we heard a lot of commotion. Turns out there was a make shift soccer stadium in this area. It cost 10 (25 cents) gouds for the entrance fee. Hudson and Daniel, being soccer fans were hoping that we could stay and watch the game instead of working on plumbing for the afternoon.

17. Hey Greta, we may or may not have caught the depot rat! Look how excited Dan is!

18. This is the man I mentioned yesterday with the machete cut in his hand. (Remember? The adorable one?) Daniel and I applied butterfly bandages to the cut. Today I checked them, and much to my surprise they were still holding on tight. The cut looked really good and was starting to close just like I wanted it to! Praise God! He also told us how much it had been hurting before (he injured himself last Thrusday and came to see us on Monday) but that after he came here it didn't hurt again!

19. After a long day of working in the sun, what is better than laying on cold tile underneath the mango trees? (Hint: there is nothing better)

20. Family portrait at the beach. Dad, Mom, and the kids after our beautification hike to pick up trash.

Have a happy Friday!


Heath and Rebecca Clark said...

It's so great to see all the pictures! I especially love the make-shift step ladder. Your blogs always make me smile :-)


Greta Monson said...

This update is great! So exciting to see everyone in the pictures! I'm also very glad the rats are being eliminated. :) Praying for y'all!

The Hendersons said...

Beautification hikes in Haiti - yes!

Jenny Hagstrom said...

These are great Noelle! I hope your doing good, I'm praying for you:) love you!


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